+Do you handle our W2’s and 1099’s?

Yes, we handle the printing of all forms and will mail them to you; forms can be either handed out to employees or mailed. (Additional fees apply)

+Will I have the ability to pull my own reports when I need them? Will my employees have access to an online portal to get their check stubs?

Yes, all reporting is available 24/7. We can also provide login information for employees to check their stubs through our online portal.

+Do you offer direct deposit and if so, is there an additional fee for that service?

Yes, we offer direct deposit for our payroll services; there is no additional fee.

+Can you accommodate weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and semi-monthly payrolls?

Yes, we can accommodate all of these options and offer multiple payroll periods.

+Can I import my data into my Quickbooks file?

Yes, all of your payroll data can be imported into your personal Quickbooks account.

+Can I run my payroll myself instead of having you process it for me?

Yes, we have a program that provides you the ability to process your own payroll. Payroll Solution is our services for self-processing.

+Do you handle all of my tax payments and form filings?

Yes, we will handle all of your tax payments and filings for you; most of it is done electronically.

+Do you handle insurance and 401k deduction? Can you make those payments for me?

Yes, we handle insurance and 401K, as well as other deductions such as child support and garnishments. (Additional fees apply to garnishments)

+Do you support multiple pay types?

Yes, we support multiple pay types such as…

+Can you allocate payments to employees by department?

Yes, all of our payments can be allocated by multiple departments.